Stock Keeper - Female

Logistics: Inventory, Warehouse and Drivers

1. Receive orders from branches 
2. Place orders accordingly with suppliers and warehouses
3. Follow up orders with suppliers and make sure all orders are delivered on time
4. Administer the data entry of all incoming and outgoing supply in the inventory system
5. Barcoding all items received from suppliers and make sure to register the new barcodes in the system
6. Participate in stock counts in warehouse and branches
7. Prepare invoices and monitor distribution and stock
8. Compare information on reports from branches with Delivery Note, Purchase Order and invoices
9. Monitor the consignment stock, verifying sales against stock in hand
10. Follow up on invoices and credit notes from suppliers and branches
11. Prepare monthly reports related to purchases, stock, products.
12. Monitor branch transfer of products
13. Monitor and measure product usage, prevent wastage by highlighting any alarming trends. Apply now

Bachelor / Graduate
Permanent contract

inventory, procurement, beauty, retail,ordering, stock, stock take