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Whether you are seeking a relaxing facial or want to enhance your features with semi-permanent make up, our expert therapists are able to customise exactly the right treatment for you. Dermalogica or The Organic Pharmacy products deliver relaxing and illuminating facials which can become part of your daily skin care routine while revolutionary semi permanent make up offers subtle or dramatic enhancements for customers. To find out more take a look at our SPMU services menu.

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Margy’s Monte Carlo

Available at The Village Mall, Mirdif City Centre and The Dubai Mall Branches only

Margy's Instant Glow Facial

This unique anti-aging facial guarantees a skin transformation thanks to the precious active ingredients based on high purity, biologically active collagen. Your skin will be intensively hydrated, wrinkles will be plumped and the entire process will slow down the appearance of new signs of skin-aging.

472.50 45 mins

Margy’s Up Lifting Facial

This anti-aging treatment treats the skin while deeply nourishing and replenishing all layers. Redefining radiance and facial contouring, it delivers instant results and cumulative skincare benefits. Ideal for any skin type showing signs of aging. The skin will appear ultra-luminous, firmer and tighter.

682.50 60 mins

Margy’s Botox Effect Facial

An intensive, anti-oxidant treatment combining highly skilled manual techniques with precious concentrated active ingredients, leaving the skin visibly refreshed with a radiant glow. This facial utilizes a trio of hyaluronic acid, marine extracts and collagen masks to plump up fine lines and wrinkles, increasing hydration levels and regenerating skin cells. This intensive treatment combines cleansing, exfoliation, steam, extractions, toning and hydration. It includes a deeply relaxing massage of facial and décolleté muscles which assists in absorption of the active pure algae boosting ingredients and an exclusive collagen mask.

787.50 90 mins

Facial Work Out

A compact result driven facial that incorporates Margy’s famous uplifting facial massage techniques. Your skin will feel firmer and appear ultra-luminous.

309.75 30 mins

Aspiration Facial

This 30-minute facial utilizes our Margy’s exclusive ‘Botox’ effect collagen mask to help plump fine lines, wrinkles and deliver intense hydration.

309.75 30 mins


Available at Mall of the Emirates and Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Calm and Restore

Even sensitive skin will be left glowing after this calming, soothing treatment. A gentle peel refreshes skin without irritation while a nourishing mask helps to protect skin and restore hydration. Start combating sensitivity with peptides and a botanical stem cell that help to promote an even skin tone by reducing visible signs of redness.

420 60 mins

Clarifying Cleanse

Improved skin clarity while combating acne and unbalanced skin. A combination of salicylic acid and acne fighting peptides improve skin smoothness and balance oil production. Unclog pores and speed up skin turnover while enhancing an overall glow and revealing healthy skin.

577.50 60 mins

Thirst Quencher

This relaxing, “no downtime” treatment infuses skin with the restorative and uplifting benefits of peptides, growth factor activators, and proteins. Begin the treatment with a two step peel that incorporates Vitamin C infused microdermabrasion crystals and a plumping activator to reveal fresh, glowing skin. A treatment mask purifies with bentonite and kaolin clays while wrinkle fighting peptides leave skin firm and rejuvenated. Fine lines and wrinkles don’t stand a chance with this age-defying treatment.

525 60 mins

Youth Dew

Give your exfoliation routine a professional boost with this instant resurfacing treatment that leaves skin smooth and refreshed with no down time. Six Botanical stem cells work to protect from external stressors while peptides rejuvenate and revitalize. Combine the best of science and nature to achieve age-defying results.

519.75 60 mins

Sister’s Signature Glamour

This stimulating facial offers advanced resurfacing, encouraging cellular for an immediate radiance. An instant cooling mask treatment detoxifies and minimizes the appearance of pores and offers immediate firming and nourishment while focusing on erasing fine line, wrinkles, blemishes, and rough textured skin. Advanced peptide performance offers a much fresher, younger and smoother skin.

577.50 75 mins

Anti – Stress Express

HydroPeptide®’s Express Facial is for those who are short on time but still want the benefits of a full treatment. Stability peptides help to balance stressed skin, while Echinacea stem cells provide instant and long-lasting hydration. A multi-functional cranberry pomegranate treatment mask provides exfoliation and rich nutrients for renewed radiance and elasticity.

367.50 45 mins

Stem Cell Express

For those in a rush but still want a professional treatment this instant resurfacing treatment leaves skin smooth and refreshed with no down time. Six Botanical stem cells work to protect from external stressors while peptides rejuvenate and revitalize. Combine the best of science and nature to achieve age-defying results.

472.50 45 mins

Eye Lift

Combat all the eye area concerns with this ultimate restoring eye treatment. Peptides and a triple Hyaluronic Acid complex targets aging on all levels by acting as a topical filler, while promoting elasticity and firmness. Eyes will instantly appear illuminated with a unique blend of crushed Mica and Pearl.

105 10 mins

Lip Enhancer

Achieve smooth and soft lips with a brightening microdermabrasion peel while locking in perfect hydration with peptides. Diminish the appearance of vertical lip lines and leave with perfectly plump lips.

105 10 mins


Available at Mirdif City Center and The Village Mall Branches only


A shorter version of the deep cleansing treatment using the same process of exfoliation, double cleansing and a tailor-made massage. The Dermalogca facial is concluded with a nourishingly rich moisturisation mask. Very visible results and skin looking and feeling more hydrated and luminous.

246.75 45 mins

Back Facial Treatment

Combines the benefits of a back exfoliation and detoxifying mask to eliminate toxins and clear pores, relieve stress and smooth the skin in an area otherwise difficult to reach.

315 1 hour

Deep Cleansing

A complete Dermalogica treatment that begins with skin mapping to allow your therapist to understand your skin and customise the right products to deliver a bespoke and individual treatment. Includes cleansing and exfoliation, a gentle steam, the removal of any blemishes, followed by a massage and moisturisation.

414.75 1 hour 30 mins

Acne Medibac

The treatment uses Dermalogica’s Medi-Bac products formulated to treat adult acne. The treatment includes a deep double cleanse, exfoliation, mask and moisturiser to help prevent further acne problems or break outs.

456.75 90 mins


A treatment designed to address dull, lacklustre, pigmented skin or those that suffer with sun or age spots. The treatment uses a powerful exfoliant along with brightening ingredients. The most significant effect is fairer, more radiant skin.

456.75 1 hour 15mins

Age Smart Facial

An advanced anti-ageing facial treatment using Dermalogica's powerful multi vitamin complex to treat and delay the signs of ageing such as dryness, dehydration, fine lines and dull lifeless skin. The process includes a cleansing and exfoliation, a gentle steam, the removal of any blemishes and a relaxing massage. The treatment is finished with the Age Smart line moisturiser and eye cream.

456.75 90mins

Ultra Calming

Treat sensitive skin and alleviate redness and irritation with an UltraCalming Dermalogica facial. Using an exclusive complex clinically proven to treat the causes that lead to skin sensitivity. The facial treatment includes an initial consultation/face mapping followed by a cleanse and tone and gentle exfoliation. The skin is then treated with nutrient rich serums and treatment additives, massaged and steamed. A calming and healing masque is applied followed by a rich moisturiser.

456.75 90mins

Bio Surface Peel

A powerful skin resurfacing treatment to help reduce acne, pigmentation and signs of premature ageing to reveal smoother, brighter and softer skin. Designed to work with the skin and not against it like more traditional and abrasive chemical peels, the face peeling treatment safely and gently removes dull outer layers of skin and helps the skin underneath regenerate for a smoother, more radiant complexion.

525 90mins

The Organic Pharmacy*

Available at Al Bateen Villa, Abu Dhabi Branches only

Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial

The indulgent Organic Pharmacy Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial begins with Lavender-infused deep breathing exercises, followed by deep cleansing, exfoliation, steaming and extraction. Four luxurious masks of Rosehip, Seaweed, Honey & Jasmine and Collagen are applied, with intensive massage. The result is re-energised, glowing skin.

472.50 / 682.50 60/90 mins

Vitamin C & Papaya Enzyme Peel Facia

A delicate re-surfacing and brightening treatment using The Organic Pharmacy Enzyme Peel Mask with Vitamin C and Papaya. Skin is first prepared for application by cleansing and toning before the refreshing gel masque is added. The treatment targets age spots, pigmentation and uneven skin tone focusing on the face, neck and décolletage, reducing the appearance of fine lines and dramatically improving skin tone. The peel reveals brighter, reoxygenated, nourished, lifted and exceptionally smooth and flawless skin for a visibly younger complexion.

525 60mins

Solutions Facial for Combination Skin

A treatment designed to tackle combination skin types. Begins with a gentle cleansing and toning followed by an exfoliation to remove built up skin cells followed by moisturisation to re-hydrate drier areas. Uses a range of carefully formulated products on different parts of the face.

472.50 60mins

Back Detox Facial

Combines the benefits of a back exfoliation, massage and detoxifying mask to eliminate toxins and clear pores, relieve stress and smooth the skin in an area otherwise difficult to reach.

367.50 45mins

Purifying Urban Facial

Designed to cleanse and purify the skin, leaving immediately brighter skin in just 45 minutes. An express treatment that packs a punch and treats excess oil, clear toxins and treat blocked pores.

367.50 45 mins

Make Up

Evening Make Up

Move seamlessly from day to night with evening make up that will transform your looks. Whether you want to glam up for a party, or go sparkly for a black tie event, our therapists can add a sophisticated and radiant touch of magic to your make up.

From 472.50 1 hour approx ALL BRANCHES

Bridal Make Up

On your wedding day you need make-up that feels weightless, lasts all day and is camera ready. Through an initial consultation and experimentation with colours and products that are right for you our beauty therapists can help you achieve a flawless result for your big day.

From 1575 2 hours ALL BRANCHES

Make Up - Eyes Only

210 30 Mins


262.50 30 mins

Day Make Up

367.50 60 mins

Creative Artist Make Up

1050 1 hour 30 mins

Semi Permanent Make Up

Subtle to defined, understated to glamorous, whether you want to create current catwalk trends or enhance your natural features, semi permanent make up is a revolutionary beauty treatment using pigmentation of the dermis to define eyes, brows and lips. Subtle or dramatic, treatments are customised through an initial consultation, available at either of our Abu Dhabi branches or the Dubai Mall Sisters Beauty Lounge.

Part Brow

An ideal base for those with thinner brows or with gaps at the front or the tail of the brow. Our therapist will add hair strokes or shading to the part which needs filling to blend with the natural hair of the brow.

1417.50 45 mins approx

3D Hair Strokes

A popular treatment designed to closely imitate the natural brow hair. Our therapist will create hair strokes to imitate natural brow hairs

2362.50 2 hour approx


Lash enhancements are perfect for adding extra definition and to make eyes appear bigger and brighter. Colour is applied to the upper and lower skin directly above and below the lashes to create fuller looking lashes. Bottom lashes only.

1470 1575 45 mins approx

Specialist Facial Treatments

Luxury 24kt Gold Facial*

A Japanese influenced facial, UMO products use technology and 100% gold ingredients to promote the natural glow of skin, deeply hydrate, soothe and remove blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles. The luxury treatment begins with exfoliation followed with a hydrating and calming mask that is absorbed into the skin. Vital lifting fluid and anti wrinkle cream are applied to conclude the treatment which addresses skin tone and tightness and leaves skin radiant and luminous.

1050 90 mins