In 2003 our visionary founding director Shirin Abdulrazak dared to break with the mould of an already heavily populated and competitive industry in Dubai. Pushing traditional beauty business practices aside and embracing innovation, invigoration and inspiration at every turn, the Sister’s brand, market leadership and ethos remain intact. The brand has grown from strength to strength under the guidance of Shirin and her three daughters; Rasha, Hind and Sara who continue to play an advisory role to support the new Chief Executive Officer.

Training and empowerment are both integral elements embedded in the company’s growth and development. We put our team at the core of our business and create an environment that champions and rewards high performance.

Since the opening of our first lounge more than a decade ago we continue to set the precedent among our competitors for training. As a minimum standard, every one of our 200 strong team are trained in-house and we elevate skills through an educational and development programme to create salon professionals demanded by our industry. We set the benchmark and others follow.

If you are interested in joining the Sisters Beauty Lounge team please send your resume to