Best Luxury Beauty Salon in Dubai 2022

November 2,2022

Launched in 2003, Sisters Beauty Lounge has eight branches in highly desirable locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The business is the brainchild of Shirin Abulrazak, who saw a gap in the market for a beauty lounge offering treatments of the highest standard to busy UAE women. She created Sisters Beauty Lounge to provide a comprehensive selection of beauty services, including hair styling, manicures, pedicures, facials, eyelash extensions and waxing and threading in a luxurious and convenient environment.


The company’s name is inspired by Shirin’s three daughters, sisters Rasha, Sara and Hind. The eldest of the sisters, Rasha, was involved in the early development of the business and her sister Sara launched the flagship branch in Dubai in 2008. Hind, the middle daughter, also played an instrumental role in the business, spearheading the creative process from 2011. The family’s concerted efforts meant that the brand grew from strength to strength until Sisters Beauty Lounge was acquired by The Grooming Company Holding (TGCH) in 2015. Shirin and her daughters continue to act as brand ambassadors and play an advisory role in supporting the new Chief Executive Officer.


Sisters Beauty Lounge, Best Luxury Beauty Salon in Dubai prides itself on its reputation for investing in the people who work there. This commitment is at the heart of the company’s philosophy, with many of the team’s founding members now holding critical roles across the salon’s branches and in the head office. Training and empowerment are integral to the company’s ethos, creating an environment that champions and rewards high performance. Every one of the 200-strong team is trained through the detailed educational and development programme to ensure the creation of skilled salon professionals. The company continues to set the precedent for training in the industry, setting the benchmark for others to follow.


Sisters Beauty Lounge clearly demonstrates its dedication to sustainability in the salon and spa industry without compromising on the luxury experience. Eco-shower heads have been fitted across all branches and are designed to reduce water and energy consumption by 50% with their innovative patented In-Flow system. The salons are also responsibly recycling 100% of the paper and 2.5 tons of plastic they use, including product packaging, reading materials and PPE. The salons are always looking for ways to switch to natural alternatives where possible, introducing single-use biodegradable towels which are beautifully soft and absorbent and stylish 100% compostable branded cups.


Treatment menus are now available digitally and clients can access them on their personal devices through the QR code. Sisters Beauty Lounges, Best Luxury Beauty Salon in Dubai also carry a wide range of carefully chosen sustainable products from brands like Aveda, Davies and Miria Nila. These premium brands offer vegan-friendly formulas and innovative alternative packaging that take the environment and global community into consideration while also delivering effective results.


The company believes strongly that knowledge is power and people are their main strength. To this end, they aspire to enable all employees with in-depth knowledge and engender the confidence within them to combine eco-friendly practices while providing the level of service and quality of product their customers expect. These are the reasons why the panel of expert judges at Luxury Lifestyle Awards has chosen Sisters Beauty Lounge as a winner in the category of Best Luxury Beauty Salon in Dubai 2022.


Google Review

Great gel manicures by Sheila and I get my pedicures with Rowena and waxing with Vivien. I’ve been coming here for the past 5 years and it’s definitely the best... Read more

Sarah Morris Avatar Sarah Morris
26 August 2022

My girlfriend had her eyelashes done there spontaneously. Super result and very friendly staff. Always happy to do it again. Really recommended.

Sebastian Lehnertz Avatar Sebastian Lehnertz
2 August 2022

I decided to get my eyebrows done in Dubai as opposed to London as my birthday was on a Monday. Other salons I went to only waxed eyebrows which is... Read more

Sleepy Saba Avatar Sleepy Saba
24 July 2022

I’ve been coming to see Malak for two years now and have always been impressed by her work! She’s second to none GLOBALLY! She saved my hair and always getting... Read more

Amy Yaseri Avatar Amy Yaseri
21 June 2022


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