Hair Colour Transformations – Everything you need to know

October 15,2022

Thinking about a hair colour transformations in Dubai? Whether you’re looking to go platinum blonde or want to try out a new ombre hair look, transforming your hair colour is always going to be an exciting process. But whether it’s your first time or fifteenth time having your hair coloured, it’s always a good idea to prepare for your appointment well in advance – this means preparing your hair, too!

To ensure the best possible experience, we’ve gathered a list of tips and tricks from our Sisters salon experts, to help you with everything from choosing the right hair colour to choosing the right colourist.

So, want to know how to have the best hair colour transformation? Let’s take a look.

Everything you need to know about hair colour transformations

It’s best to consult with a stylist first

While you’ll certainly have your own ideas about your preferred hair colour, it’s a good idea to first consult with a stylist and ask for advice. Some hair colours (for example, natural dark hair) might be more difficult to colour, or might require several appointments to achieve the desired shade. Where possible, choose a hair colourist with experience in colouring your hair type and hair shade; this will simplify the process and give you better options if necessary.

Take a photograph with you

If you’re already settled on a hair colour, it’s a good idea to take a photograph of the hair colour you want and present it to your colourist at the salon. It’s better to do this during the consultation; this way, the colourist will be able to give you advice about the potential shade outcome for your hair colour, and you’ll be free to change your mind or opt for another colour if necessary. That being said, always make sure you’re happy with your chosen colour before proceeding.

Consider maintenance

Before undergoing a hair colour transformation, you’ll want to first consider the maintenance aspect. Once your hair has been coloured professionally, you’ll need to perform regular at-home maintenance, such as regularly applying hair masks and performing nourishing treatments. You’ll also need to go back to the salon for regular top-up treatments to keep your hair the same colour and top up any roots, so make sure you’re able to factor this into your beauty routine. Make sure you’re also happy and willing to perform the maintenance aspect, as this will play a determinative role in the outcome of your hair colour transformation.

Make sure your hair is ready

Hair colour transformations work best on healthy hair; if yours is currently damaged, you might want to first work on nourishing your hair back to optimal condition before getting it coloured. While hair colouring isn’t going to damage your hair when performed by a professional, healthy hair is much better equipped to deal with all the bleaching, toning, ammonia, and all the other chemicals used when colouring. You can use at-home treatments and products to help repair bond damage.

Choose a colour that works best for you

While it’s important to listen to your colourist’s advice, you should always pick a colour that suits you best. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to hair colour, and it’s important that you take certain factors into consideration, such as the warmth or coolness of your skin tone, your hair length, and even your own personal style. With so many different hair colour styles for women, there’s no need to feel limited in your choice.

Be prepared for several appointments

A hair colour transformation can happen overnight, but in some cases, you might end up having to attend several appointments to get the colour you want. This is often the case for those with darker hair, or those with longer or damaged hair. While it might be an inconvenience upfront, know that your stylist will have decades of colouring experience, and they’ll be making the best decisions in the interest of your hair.

Maintain your hair colour transformation with Sisters-approved products

When performing hair colour transformations, we only the top-rated, highest quality haircare products in our beauty lounges. If you want to prolong the results of your colour treatment, treat yourself to our salon-approved products over on our partner site, Beauty Tribe.

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