How to Choose the Right Hair Stylist for Your Hair

February 14,2023

It can be scary to select a new hairstylist because you are entrusting them with a significant portion of your whole identity. Choose the ideal hairstylist to carry out your vision, whether it be a daring haircut or fresh color. 

The best hair stylists are the ones who are fit for you, just like Cinderella’s glass slipper, they are always going to cater to your preferences and the stylists at Sisters Beauty Lounge do just that!

We have the solution by teaching you how to choose the right hair stylist so that you can get your new look at Sisters Beauty Lounge


Tips to Choose The Right Hair Stylist 

The big question right now is, “How to choose the right hair stylist?” It can be more difficult than you might think to find the appropriate stylist. However, the problem is genuine if you’ve ever moved or had a stylist retire. Find the ideal stylist for you by following these steps!


The Internet is Your Bestie 

A wonderful place to start is Google. Type in “best hair stylists Dubai” and you will get multiple results instantly! If you want a rock-star pixie cut that will turn heads, a natural-looking blond color to make your eyes sparkle, or a smooth-transitioning balayage, check for stylists in your region who specialize in those styles. 

Look at the salon reviews and make it a point to select a stylist that has experience with the style, texture, and hair type of your present hair. Sisters Beauty Lounge is known to have the best hair stylists with years of experience on their back!


Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Because there are so many social media platforms, choosing a stylist through Instagram might be the key to hair goals. Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the three most popular social media sites where we-at Sisters Beauty Lounge- post our works of art.

To find stylists in your area, go into your account and search and navigate through various hashtags. 

Hashtags collect and curate everyone who has had a discourse about a particular issue since they organize photographs by keyword. 

You could use hashtags such as #sistersbeautylounge #dubaisalon #pixiecutdubai and if you want more general searches just add a hashtag before the style you’re looking for. 


Get Recommendations

Word of mouth travels fast and our salon’s name is on everyone’s mind when it comes to suggesting the best hair stylists in Dubai. If you see someone with a good hair-do, discuss with the individual what salon they frequent and who they see if a style, cut, or color catches your eye. 

Additionally, ask their name, so that you can tell our hairdresser who recommended them! The stylist will have a better understanding of the style you are going for if they have a reference point.


Bring Pictures to Your Appointment

The best way to communicate a specific idea to the stylist you’ve chosen is to bring them a picture or display one to them on your phone. Your hairdresser might provide suggestions once you describe the aspects of the style that you prefer. How to choose the right hair stylist is a good question but an even bigger question is “what style is that you want?” 

To make things easier for you, we have a Digital Glam Book available at the salon, where with just a scan of a QR code you will be led to our Pinterest Moodboard. This board consists of all our stylists works to help you draw inspiration for your new look.


Learn the Terms

It’s essential to prepare yourself and become familiar with certain salon lingo before scheduling an appointment with your preferred stylist. When you are conversant in the same language, there is less likelihood of misunderstanding. 

Naturally, a knowledgeable stylist like ours would be delighted to discuss the differences during your session, but it’s always simpler to start “ahead of the game” with a firm understanding of hair styling.

 The best hair stylists of our salon will know what you’re talking about even if you can’t fully explain it.


Consult with Stylist

You could ask our stylists any questions that you have such as how long they’ve been doing hair styling or what is their specialty and all that. Don’t be afraid to ask, as this is your hair that we’ll be dealing with; and we want to make sure that we give you the best from our best hair stylists.

Sisters Beauty Lounge prides itself in having the best hair stylists in Dubai who are up to date with all the recent trends from “Gemini Hair” color trends to even the Undercut style which you can check out in our Hair Archives to know more about!


Book Your Appointment 

Make an appointment with us, even if you are debating between several hairdressers. This appointment could be for a quick blowout or hair trim. These are simple services that don’t call for a big commitment from you. 

You can evaluate if our hairstylists and beauty salon are a good fit for you by making a simple service reservation at our salon.


Come Visit Sisters Beauty Lounge Today!

Now that you know how to choose the right hair stylist, make your way to Sisters Beauty Lounge at a location near you! You can find all our branches by clicking here

Meet the best hair stylists in Dubai with their uplifting energy and knowledgeable skills to give you the transformation you need and maybe, you could even have a friend for life! 

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