Top 4 Reasons Why Hair Extensions are right for you!

December 22,2022

You’re looking for long, lucious locks but you find yourself always asking ‘why’?, there are several reasons why you ladies may want to get hair extensions. In this blog post we will highlight the 4 reasons you should book a hair extensions appointment (like, right now!)

Reason 1.

Hair Extensions can not only add length and volume to your natural hair, but they can also be a great way to give you that extra fullness and confidence in your locks. If you’re suffering from thin or damaged hair, they create the appearance of thicker, healthier hair within an instant. Tape-in Hair Extensions are a fast, pain-free solution for gorgeous results from only AED 850.

Reason 2.

Looking to experiment with different hair colours and styles without permanently altering your natural hair colour? Tape-in Hair Extensions are a great way to add lighter or darker pieces throughout your hair for a colour-free alternative. Easy to add or remove without the hassle and commitment of hair dye.

Reason 3.

Have you had a disastrous haircut that you’re looking to conceal? Tape-in Hair Extensions are here to save the day! They provide a temporary solution for ladies who are growing out their natural hair after a hair disaster or those who are transitioning to a different hairstyle.

Reason 4:

Did you know Hair Extensions can be damage-free? Yes, we said it! It’s true. Tape-in Hair Extensions when applied professionally can cause zero damage to your natural hair. After care at home can also contribute to a damage-free set of hair extensions, such as using a sulfate free shampoo.

At Sisters Beauty Lounge, every day is a good hair day! Achieve an instant transformation for as little as AED 850, with 14 shades available and up to 22” there is something for everyone. Request a complimentary colour match and hair extensions consultation with one of our friendly, professional hair stylists to help you achieve your hair dreams!

Google Review

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Sarah Morris Avatar Sarah Morris
26 August 2022

My girlfriend had her eyelashes done there spontaneously. Super result and very friendly staff. Always happy to do it again. Really recommended.

Sebastian Lehnertz Avatar Sebastian Lehnertz
2 August 2022

I decided to get my eyebrows done in Dubai as opposed to London as my birthday was on a Monday. Other salons I went to only waxed eyebrows which is... Read more

Sleepy Saba Avatar Sleepy Saba
24 July 2022

I’ve been coming to see Malak for two years now and have always been impressed by her work! She’s second to none GLOBALLY! She saved my hair and always getting... Read more

Amy Yaseri Avatar Amy Yaseri
21 June 2022


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