Hydracool Treatment List

Sisters Beauty Lounge is the first to bring Hydracool treatments and hyperpigmentation treatment from the medical world into a salon and is used by Sisters Beauty Lounge to achieve ultimate results in skin rejuvenation and hair strengthening. This cutting-edge synergy gives you optimum results in skin rejuvenation, facial glow, oxygenation & vitamins. Hydracool is the newest multifunctional device for perfect face, body and hair protocols, using the power of water. Our fabulous treatment list covers face, hair and hands, offering everything from a total face lift to combat skin’s ageing to skin renewal and hyperpigmentation for an instantly more radiant complexion. The first of its kind in Dubai, the Hydracool facial is just one example of why Sisters Beauty Lounge is one step ahead when it comes to revolutionary beauty treatments. So, for immediate skin brightening results that last,book your Hydracool experience today and feel a million dollars after just one personalised session. 

At Sisters Beauty Lounge, we also offer treatments using a powerful SRS (Skin Rejuvenation System) which comprises of a range of advanced components, e-CO2 gel and home care retail creams that work at a deep cellular level for skin-boosting. SRS complex works for lifting, firming, radiating, rejuvenating, anti-ageing & lightening of the skin. Its active ingredients formula ensures deep cleansing and works at a cellular level, so is perfect for tired looking skin. The Hydracool facial and other treatments are available in our Dubai Mall, Mirdif City Centre & Mall of the Emirates Locations.

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Total Face Lift

The optimal solution for the signs of skin aging, such as expression lines, crow’s feet, dull complexion, lack of elasticity, tone and moisture. Our carefully selected pure ingredients will help redensify and regenerate the skin at its depth, while providing volume, protection and tone.

550 60 mins The Dubai Mall, MCC & MOE

Skin Renewal & Hyperpigmentation

A tastefully crafted treatment using a cocktail rich in active nutrients and revitalizing agents, for an instant radiance, rejuvenation and brightening effect. Powerful antioxidants will protect the skin form photo-damage, helping to control, lift and brighten brown spots, hyperpigmentation and melasma.

525 60 mins The Dubai Mall, MCC & MOE

Refine & Clear

Here is your solution for open pores and post-acne damage so visible to the naked eye! This treatment helps to heal and renew the skin, prevent acne breakouts and regulate the sebum production, minimizing pore size. Our pure Vitamin A is the skin expert, the key anti-oxidant that will help produce new and healthy cells in the skin, leaving you with a smooth texture and a clear complexion.

580 60 mins The Dubai Mall, MCC & MOE


Firm and Regenerate

Repair and renew the skin on your hands with a combination of new-age ingredients that help restore the collagen and elastin fibers and protect from the free radical damage.

210 30 Mins The Village Mall

Whiten & Brighten

A very effective treatment for photo aged skin on the hands, with visible signs of hyperpigmentation & brown spots. The carefully selected ingredients will have an instant brightening effect, giving skin tone and radiance.

210 30 mins The Village Mall

Nourish & Hydrate Deluxe

A deeply moisturizing and regenerating treatment that keeps the skin on the hands firm and plump, and prevents pre mature aging.

265 30 mins The Village Mall