The Sisters
Face Bar

For the FIRST TIME EVER, Sisters is taking Facials to the next level with The Sisters Face Bar! Includes 10 different customized facials targeting EVERY Skin concern, because not every skin requires the same treatment!


Exclusively at Sisters
for AED 600

Or pay 150/mo in 4 installments

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Customized Facials
targeting all your skin concerns

The 10 colorful facials are infused with multiple benefits that can treat skin concerns instantly, the facials are broken down in 5 main skin concern categories and then are further customized based on your skin needs.

The Super Green Facial

The Super Green

✓ Naturally deep cleanses congested skin

✓ Infused with Spinach, kale & spirulina

The Hyaluronic Boost Facial

The Hyaluronic Boost

✓ The ultimate moisture injection for glass-like skin

✓ Infused with Hyaluronic acid for intense hydration

The Diamond Drops Facial

The Diamond Drops

✓ Renews skin cells & boosts collagen levels

✓ Infused with Diamond Dust to control dry, rough skin

The Vitamin Blast Facial

The Vitamin Blast

✓ Repairs skin damage by sun exposure

✓ Infused with Biotin to heal dry, sensitive skin

The Vampire Boost Facial

The Vampire Boost

✓ Replaces lost collagen to lift & plump face

✓ Infused with Poly-Lactic acid to sculp & tighten skin

The Antioxident Smoothie Facial

The Antioxident Smoothie

✓ Brightens, protects & clears skin

✓ Infused with Pomegranate to increase skin repair

The Illuminating Orange Facial

The Illuminating Orange

✓ Targets hyper-pigmentation & dark spots

✓ Infused with Orange peel to reduce dark circles

The Acne Eraser Facial

The Acne Eraser

✓ Kills bacteria & targets all forms of acne

✓ Infused with ALA acid to shrink oil & unblock pores

The Nature's Rose Facial

The Nature's Rose

✓ Brightens, tones & exfoliates

✓ Infused with Rose petals to lighten skin

The Mineral Blast Facial

The Mineral Blast

✓ Targets fine lines, wrinkles & prevents cell damage

✓ Infused with Broccoli & green tea to prevent skin aging

Exclusively at Sisters
for AED 600

Or pay 150/mo in 4 installments

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