Since 2003, our vision at Sisters Beauty Lounge was always clear, to redefine the beauty industry, and over 20 years later we are still making moves to do just that.

From the beginning Sisters Beauty Lounge set out to be different, creating a future-ready beauty concept committed to innovation, the development of our people, and supporting social causes. In 2022, we are paving the path for sustainability in the salon & spa industry with our approach in ensuring that luxurious beauty treatments don’t have to cost the earth.





Sisters Beauty Lounge are dedicated to giving our clients eco-conscious choices without compromising on the luxury experience we are so well known for – proving, once and for all, that style and sustainability can go hand in hand!

You can follow our #SIStainability journey and learn more about our mission below.

How will we ensure that beauty AND being kind to the planet is at the heart of everything we do at Sisters Beauty Lounge?



50% of water


100% of Paper

2.5 Tons

2.5 Tons of Plastic


Water is the most precious resource on earth, and this breakthrough technology makes every drop of water count! The Eco-shower heads, designed to reduce water and energy consumption with their innovative patented In-Flow® system, have been fitted across all Sisters Beauty Lounges at our hair backwash area. In addition to the eco-friendly benefits, the technology allows for haircare products to be directly infused within the micronized water flow, delivering a novel and personalized experience for our clients.

Recycling 100% of Paper

Ensure that any paper used at Sisters Beauty Lounge are responsibly recycled including packaging of professional beauty products, items used during treatments such as eco-friendly paper towels, reading materials, and anything from the day-to-day running of the business where there is no other digital equivalent.

Recycle 2.5 Tons of Plastic

Responsibly recycle any plastic waste from Sisters Beauty Lounge including packaging of professional beauty products and appropriate PPE such as gloves or aprons. We will also be introducing a refill scheme with product lines such as Davines and are constantly looking for ways to switch to natural alternatives where possible such as our canvas tote bags and compostable paper cups.

100% Compostable Sisters Cups

You can now enjoy your favourite coffee, Wellexir collagen drink or even a refreshing herbal tea, in our instagrammable branded Sisters Beauty Lounge compostable cups. They are designed to be returned to the planet safely and once the material has
completely broken down, in less than 12 weeks, provide nutrients to the earth.
Just don’t forget to post a selfie with it first!


Made from sustainably sourced materials, Sisters Beauty Lounge now have single-use towels which are beautifully soft, absorbent, and encompass many benefits for the environment as they do not require the use of an electrical appliance such as a washing machine & dryer.


We have taken the choice to remove all paper bags from our salons, giving you the option to purchase re-useable Sisters branded canvas totes made from 100% recycled materials. Perfect for taking home your hair & skin care products and then repurposing it with style when you’re running around the city!


The eco-friendly Gjosa showerheads uses patented Jet-Fusion® Technology offers multiple benefits in terms of water, energy, CO2 & costs savings whilst offering you a unique sensation & experience.
Easily installed in less than 3 min, available at all
Sisters locations to help our clients continue their sustainable journey when they leave the salon

Sustainable Sourced Products! For both professional and homecare, Sisters Beauty Lounge carry a wide range of sustainable products such as Aveda, Davines, and Miria Nila, that will make your planet conscious beauty decisions effortless! From vegan friendly formulas to innovative alternative packaging, we have sourced premium and unique brands from around the world that consider the environment and global community as well as delivering effective results.

Digital Seamless Experience! Providing eco-conscious choices with forward thinking panache, our treatment menu is now available digitally, we have adopted e-receipts, and QR codes will be displayed across the salons for clients to view Glam Books using their own devices or the Sisters Beauty Lounge iPad.

Knowledge is Power! Equipping our Sisters Beauty Lounge employees with the knowledge and confidence to successfully combine eco-practice with their skills and everyday roles, whilst continuing to provide you with the Sisters Beauty Lounge experience that you know and love.